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Friday, December 02, 2005

Multi-Genre Writing, Part II

One of the FOSS fits in the Poudre School District is Mixtures and Solutions, and one of the experiments is on Solubility. The student conducted an experiment where they added equal amounts of salt and citric acid to different water bottles, shook them up after each scoop was added, and continued until both of them were saturated. The citric acid had greater solubility with 15 some scoops, and salt had far less at five. I have them make certificates of solubility.
I showed them a few certificates that I had received (one for completion of a course I took in college, another, a fake one, for best outfielder--I needed one with more writing and couldn't find what I needed) and they brainstormed a list of what went into a certificate. They had a check list, and then started working.
They did a rough draft, and in order to do a final draft, they had to come to me for the paper, so I could look at it and give them automatic feedback: Great job!; Where is the signature?; You're missing the phrase certificate of solubility.; I spelled solubility correctly on the board, so I expect you to spell it correctly as well.
They colored their final drafts, and I made copies of the exemplary ones to use for next year. Woo-haa!


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